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Doggerland Project

BeitragVerfasst: 04.09.2015 11:26
von Blattspitze
Auf dem Grund der Nordsee sollen jetzt Spuren gesucht werden: ... 80279.html
Within the next few weeks the scientists will start sinking bore holes into the drowned Stone Age land surfaces in order to extract samples of ancient earth.

Hundreds of such samples will be taken to the laboratories at the universities of Bradford, Warwick, Lampeter, St. Andrews and Birmingham where scientists will separate out seeds, pollen, potential DNA material and tiny fragments of broken flint (the tale-tale evidence of flint tool manufacture).

Using sonar and high definition seismic equipment, the archaeologists will also produce more refined 3D maps of the original landscape and its topography. It’s conceivable that they may even locate man-made Stone Age structures, potentially the remains of any timbers used for ritual monuments or hunting drive-ways. ... 82_en.html

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