Erste Keramik bei Wildbeutern für Fischgerichte

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Erste Keramik bei Wildbeutern für Fischgerichte

Beitragvon Blattspitze » 04.02.2015 08:03

Interessante weltweite Parallelen früher Keramiknutzung:
Studying how pottery production in north-eastern North America developed 3000 years ago, researchers found that the increasing use of pottery was not simply an adaptive response to increased reliance on specific kinds of wild foodstuffs, as previously thought.

Instead, new analysis on pottery vessels indicates that social factors triggered the innovation of pottery. While a wide range of wild animal and plant foods were exploited by hunter-gatherers of north-eastern North America, their pottery was used principally to process fish, and produce fish oil. This suggests that abundant aquatic resources allowed investment in the production of pottery, as fish became a valued exchange commodity and was prepared, cooked and consumed in hunter-gatherer group feasts.

Conducting organic residue analysis on approximately 133 vessels from 33 early pottery sites in north-Eastern North America, tests were carried out to measure bulk carbon and nitrogen isotopes, compound-specific carbon isotopes, and to extract and identify lipids, notably aquatic biomarkers. Findings show high traces of aquatic organisms in most samples, consistent with the cooking of marine and freshwater foods and the preparation and storage of fish oil.

Dr Karine Taché, Professor of Anthropology at CUNY Queens College who undertook the research as an EU Marie Curie research fellow at the University of York, said: "These early pottery sites are now thought to have been important seasonal meeting points for hunter-gatherer groups, drawing communities together and, especially in periods of high abundance, promoting the cooperative harvesting of aquatic resources and new social contexts for the cooking and consumption of fish." ... 020315.php
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Re: Erste Keramik bei Wildbeutern für Fischgerichte

Beitragvon ulfr » 04.02.2015 13:15

Dazu passend die Arbeiten von Bente Phillipsen über die durch den Hartwassereffekt verzerrten C14-Daten in Ertebølle-Kochtöpfen (Vortrag auf der EXAR-Tagung in Schleswig 2011): ... ood_crusts ... bon_dating
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