Tagung in Albersdorf, 23.-27.9. “Stone in Prehistory"

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Tagung in Albersdorf, 23.-27.9. “Stone in Prehistory"

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OpenArch- Tagung 23. – 27. 9. 2013 in Albersdorf, Deutschland

The Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) organises a conference with main topic “Stone in Prehistory”. This event is part of the “Dialogue with skills” in the OpenArch Project .
# On the 24. 9. 2013 there will be held an international scientific conference about archaeological research and experiments;

# On the 25. 9. 2013 there will be a practical workshop at the Open Air Museum, the “Stone Age Park Dithmarschen”, where there will be demonstrations and different activities about the work with stones. On this public forum there will be time and space for intensive exchange of experiences and ideas.

# On the 26. 9. 2013 an excursion on the traces of landscape and settlement history at the North Sea Coast is planned. As a result of this conference a proceedings-book is planned to be published.

For lunches, dinners and site visits we will charge you € 40.00 per day or € 75.00 for two days (Day 1 and/or Day 2).
Reduced price for students € 25.00 per day or € 45.00 for two days.

Demonstrations & Workshops:
1. Bruce Bradley, Exeter
2. Wulf Hein, Dorn-Assenheim
3. Harm Paulsen, Schleswig
4. Marquardt Lund, Hamburg
5. Volker Arnold, Heide
6. Florian Kobbe, Uetze
7. Andreas Benke, Hannover
8. Manfred Pfeifer, Neustadt
9. Monia Barbieri, Modena (creation of stone moulds)
10. Erika Drews, Albersdorf (working with amber)
11. Klaus Hirsch, Haderslev / DK
12. Werner Pfeifer, Schleswig/Albersdorf

If you are interested in this conference look at http://openarch.eu/meetings/september-2013-albersdorf-de , where you find the program, information about travel and accomodation and a registration form for participation. If you want to get more information or have any questions please send an announcement to info@aoeza.de. Welcome to Albersdorf!
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