Archaeology of Wealth Inequality

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Archaeology of Wealth Inequality

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Grundrissvergleiche in neuer Publikation zeigen: Ungleiche Güterverteilung seit 10.000 Jahren noch nie so extrem wie heute in den USA:
“We wanted to be able to look at the ancient world as a whole and draw connections to today,” says Michael E. Smith
For each site they calculated a value known to economists and policy wonks as the Gini coefficient, which quantifies how evenly wealth is distributed. In a population with a Gini coefficient of 0, everyone has the same economic resources; 1 represents maximum disparity. The Gini score of the United States, one of the most unequal countries, is about 0.81, while that of Slovakia is about 0.48.
Comparing the size of dwellings at archaeological ruins, researchers found increasing wealth inequality over thousands of years. Technology accelerates the trend, first in the Old World and then in the New. For each site the experts calculated the Gini coefficient, a standard measure of wealth distribution.
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Hätte man die Ungleichheit anhand des Aufwandes ermittelt, der in Grabstätten investiert wurde, lägen wohl andere vorne?
"Anscheinend kommen wir immer mehr zu einer Situation, wo keiner für das verantwortlich ist, was er selbst tut aber wir alle für das verantwortlich sind, was andere tun." T. Sowell
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