Mal`ta -Junge: 24.000 Jahre alte DNA interpretiert

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Mal`ta -Junge: 24.000 Jahre alte DNA interpretiert

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"DNA sequencing of the ancient child’s genome shows that while up to one-third of his ancestry can be traced back to Europe, nearly 30 percent of modern Native Americans’ ancestry also came from this youngster’s gene pool."


“At some point in the past, a branch of east Asians and a branch of western Eurasians met each other and had sex a lot,” Dr. Willerslev, who also led the sequencing of the boy’s genome, told Ed Jong, adding that this mixing of genes created Native American races that later populated both North and South America. ... -ancestry/ ... F1UO0-cHLs ... ppLJifvlnF
Indem die Wissenschaft mit Macht und Politik verknüpft wird, wird ihr der Anspruch auf Objektivität entzogen.
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