Folding knife


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Folding knife

Beitragvon L alaman » 12.03.2010 18:20


I m wondering if you know a few models of celtic folging knife?
I try to find something on the web, but i think that the subject is in the fog.
I find this, but do y ou have others models?
L alaman
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Beitragvon Hans T. » 12.03.2010 21:48

This knife is from the Hallstatt graves and dates HaD, not La-Tène. As fas as I am informed there are no other findings - but I will stand corrected if there are can not know all findings....

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Hans T.
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Beitragvon Steve Lenz » 12.03.2010 23:13

There are one or two more in Hallstatt graves: ... 623F01.JPG

Note the object between the leftside fore arm bones in grave B. ... 623F05.JPG

For La Tène we have a hot canditate as blade of a folder on this drawings, the right one:

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Steve Lenz
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Beitragvon Joze » 17.03.2010 12:50


here in Slowenia we know that knives, too. Many grawes: Novo mesto and Magdalenska gora etc ..... if you want to get a Table-Foto from books, can send you via e mail.

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Beitragvon Peter N. » 07.08.2010 08:50

... angeblich auch ein Klappmesser dabei: ... __9945.htm

Peter N.
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