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Gesucht: "La soudure dans..."

BeitragVerfasst: 18.03.2020 14:03
von Roeland Paardekooper
Ein Kollege aus Italien schreibt:

I have been looking for an article to consult for a research paper I am writing for the Journal of Archaeological Science following the ICA II conference in Paris last fall. In the present situation the ICCROM Library in Rome is closed for an undetermined period as libraries throughout most of Europe. I have reached out to quite a number of friends in the field.

The article in question is "La soudure dans la construction des oeuvres d'orfevrerie" di Thouvenin, A. published in 1973 in the "Revue archéologique de l'est et du centre-est Tome 24, Fasc. 1."

Hat Jemanden vielleicht einen PDF?