Der ewige Knecht der Viren

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Der ewige Knecht der Viren

Beitragvon Monolith » 23.05.2020 11:31

"How can we say that a virus caused a pandemic, 20,000 years before the beginning of recorded history? David Enard, an evolutionary biologist who works at the University of Arizona, says the scars of ancient epidemics, and the history of our long and ceaseless war with viruses, are written in our DNA. Finding out what caused them may help us to predict the next pandemic."
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Re: Der ewige Knecht der Viren

Beitragvon ulfr » 23.05.2020 13:02

"Twenty-five thousand years ago, the first elements of modern humanity were beginning to emerge in Europe. One of the earliest known settlements, near the Dyje river in what is now the Czech Republic, was founded; a place where people lit fires, spun thread, wore clothes and caught fish on hooks. Ceramics had just been developed, and people began to form clay or to carve other materials into likenesses of men, women and deities. Humans had reached an important new stage on the journey that had begun two million years earlier with the sharpening of the first flint knife."

Wo ist das Aurignacien geblieben? Geschärfte Flintmesser vor 2 Mio Jahren?

Davon mal abgesehen - spannend!
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